Key School offers a learning environment that emphasizes intellectual process as well as academic product and values probing questions as highly as thoughtful answers.


在每个年级, Key teachers and students work and think together to construct meaning from information gathered.


在Key的讨论课上, students gain a depth of understanding about complex topics and learn the importance of listening.


Key students are encouraged to think flexibly and value the lessons learned from their successes and failures as they tackle complex problems.


Key instills a deep-rooted love of learning by engaging children in purposeful play and discovery, and by making the process of learning both challenging and rewarding.


Key School helps students develop the habits of mind that empower them to successfully navigate a changing world.


By getting out and seeing real-world connections to their curricular work, Key students deepen their understanding of its complexities.


重点优信彩票学习批判性思考, 仔细听, 创造性地解决问题, 一起有效地工作.


Key students learn to draw on inner resources and find they are capable of greater physical and mental achievements than imagined.


All Key students are encouraged to broaden their horizons, 瘦到不舒服, 拥抱新的机遇. 


Key School values lessons about competitive and cooperative effort and, therefore, encourages athletic participation by all students.

重点学校 is founded upon the conviction that children are innately curious about themselves and the world; they want to learn, 他们想要发现, 他们想要创造.


第一个学校, 2.5岁——幼儿园

Each day of a child’s education should comprise new adventures with teachers who are excited to make discoveries with them. Key’s First Schoolers enjoy a happy and enriching introduction to school with adults who place the highest priority on building self-confidence and developing the whole child in a secure and caring environment.

较低的学校, 1 - 4年级


一起工作,一起思考, Key teachers and students grapple with ideas and forge new understandings. Our Lower School students’ excitement and enthusiasm for learning extend well beyond classroom walls because they are encouraged to question, 假设, 每天思考和解决问题.



中学, 成绩5 - 8


Key School helps students develop the habits of mind that enable them to navigate a changing world. 优信彩票的中优信彩票善于批判性思考, 工作协作, 解决问题, 拥抱不同的想法和观点.



上学校, 9 - 12年级


Many students want to make a difference in their community. 优信彩票的高年级优信彩票获得了经验, skills and confidence to not only achieve success in their lives after Key, 但也要在世界上留下自己的印记.




Current Lower School Parent, 2016 Parent Feedback Survey

"What I love about Key is that the faculty reinforces the endless possibilities for my son as a learner. Because they do not put limits on him as a learner, he does not put limits on himself."


“The well-rounded education and experiences that I received at Key not only taught me to appreciate how much there is to learn about the world, but also pushed me to be creative and to strive to reach out of the box and make the most out of my college experience.”

Beth Bafford '02, Director of Investments at the Calvert Foundation

“基给了我基础, including the ability to critically think to solve major, 复杂的问题(或至少尝试这样做!), the curiosity to look for learning opportunities in every situation, 对改变世界的热情, and an understanding that I can leverage my education and career to leave the world better than I found it.”

Current Middle School Parent, 2016 Parent Feedback Survey

"My Middle Schooler has analyzed logo designs we’ve seen in the community, discussed with me the origins of conflict in the Middle East, and explained volume calculations she used to design a beverage can as part of a math project. Key has combined rigorous academics with practical application and social awareness."


“Key School is a really special place because teachers take the time to forge connections outside of the classroom, and they all have a genuine desire to help students learn and pursue our curiosities. The projects and curriculum are never dull; there is always something new and exciting to be learned!"


98% of families would recommend Key to friends and colleagues








75% of Upper School students play one of 15 varsity sports
79% of Upper School students participate in the performing arts
35% of Key graduates matriculated to STEM-focused programs